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My kids decided to do 4-h this year and want to raise rabbits for fair. The cost of getting the cages, the rabbits, and the food for them was more than we had thought it was going to be. Of course once the rabbits have young, we will be able to sale some of them and get some of that investment back. Right now though the cost was a problem and that is when we were looking for options. While 4-h does give you the chance to get a loan for start up costs, the paperwork deadline passed before we even knew about it. So the next step was to consider a payday loan advance offer so that we had that money. We only had the weekend left to get things in motion and so it couldn’t wait. Thankfully, we get the money fast and without a long process of applying. The kids are having great fun with the rabbits and they are also learning plenty about responsibility so it is working out. The loan was a great option and we are thankful it all fell in place for us.

–  Emma Smith


Speeding is something I tend to do often due to the rushed schedule I have and not planning well enough. So when I got a ticket for going 85 in a 65 it wasn’t good and the officer didn’t go easy on me. When I went to pay for the ticket, I also found out that it would take all my remaining points on my license. The clerk there told that I could defer it and that by paying to do so that I would be able to drop it from my record and keep my points as long as I didn’t get another ticket in the next 6 months. I got a cash loan to pay for that deferment and I have worked very hard to keep my cruise control on and to leave my house sooner. I can’t keep paying for high insurance and speeding tickets. The reality of it too is that I will eventually lose my license if I am not careful and then how would I get to work, school, or other activities?

– Peter Johnes


I got a tattoo from a low cost artist, and I guess that is what I get for not saving up. The color faded and the name in it didn’t look right. I mean the N at the end of it looked like an R! It was on my shoulder and it really limited what clothing I was able to wear too because of where it was located. The solution was to let it heal and then to pay for another tattoo artist to redo it. This time, I made sure I went to one that had plenty of experience and I looked over his portfolio. He was booked for 5 weeks though but had one cancellation that week. However, it was before I got a check and he only took cash. My friend told me about instant online loans and that is where I got the money. I didn’t want to be self-conscious about the way it looked and now I love that tattoo. In the future he will be the guy I go to when I want to get some body ink! I don’t want a repeat of that negative experience!

– Ava Hall